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Announcing Our New eBook: The Coming Revolution in Technical Due Diligence

Posted by Matt Van Itallie on Apr 2, 2019 8:19:19 AM
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I am delighted to share our first e-book, The Coming Revolution in Technical Due Diligence, which discussed how technical due diligence will change as a result of tools like Sema’s. It lays out a solution that gives diligence teams powerful new ways to gain transparency and visibility during the technical due diligence process. 

If you asked a financial due diligence team to assess a target solely through interviews and expense reports – with no balance sheets, cash flow statements, or EBITDA numbers they would look at you like you’d just sprouted a third eye; Yet this is essentially the situation that technical due diligence teams face evaluating software.

Technical due diligence lacks the levels of data-driven assessment for financial and sales diligence. When conducting diligence on sales pipeline, diligence teams don't just rely on interviews; they also take advantage of extensive CRM data.

But that’s about to change - Sema's new solution is bringing the same level of data-driven analysis to code. Technical due diligence can finally go beyond development team interviews to metrics-driven code, team and process assessment.

We are building the “CRM for code”- assessing the quality of code and contributions of developers, just like CRM assesses quality of sales and contributions of salespeople to bookings.

So far, my favorite reaction to this offering has been from companies considering putting themselves up for sale. Their forward-thinking CTOs see solutions like ours as a way to demonstrate their codebase quality to potential acquirers.  

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