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Congrats to @GovtechFund on raising $25M

Posted by Matt Van Itallie on Jun 11, 2018 12:15:05 PM
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Sema is delighted to share the news that one of our partners, Govtech Fund, today announced the launch of its second fund, a $25M early stage venture fund focused on modernizing the internal operations of government. More details here.

Software maintenance is critical for local, state and national government agencies. Legacy codebases need significant modernization if they are to deliver the performance levels and reliability that citizens and government employees expect. Code improvement projects can run more than 50% over-budget and over-schedule. And many government agencies are facing a giant “brain drain” as the creators and maintainers of mission-critical systems begin to retire.

Sema is honored to be part of the solution- through visualizations, dashboards, and analytics that help technical leaders understand “what’s really happening” in code bases and help fix them.

That’s why we here at Sema are so excited to see Govtech Fund continuing to lead the way in funding the modernization of government operations. With advancements in artificial intelligence and cognitive computing, Sema is tackling legacy code challenges in a unique way. And with partners like Govtech Fund leading way, the future of technology transformation has never looked brighter.

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