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Sema’s software modernization tools are here

Posted by Matt Van Itallie on Jan 16, 2018 6:04:00 AM
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I am delighted to announce that Sema’s products are available in beta to help you fix old code.  Take a look.

After years as a technology executive in the public and private sectors, I decided that the world needed a better way to tackle software maintenance.  Software maintenance is too expensive, too uncertain, and just no fun. Maybe worst of all, these projects keep organizations from tackling the problems that they really needed to address and building future solutions.

At the same time, I got to know the most cutting edge technology and technologists who are finding new ways to tackle software maintenance. Thanks to the work of some of the best and smartest scientists on earth, I uncovered innovative ways of using code to fix code.

Late last year, a team of these extraordinary technologists came together to found Sema. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with some of the best software-focused scientists, scientific advisors, engineering and development leaders, architects, and enterprise software product leaders on the planet.

And now we get to show off some of our work.

We are announcing today beta versions of our first two products:

Sema Detect finds code problems (antipatterns) in minutes, visualizes them, and helps engineers, architects and developers analyze those problems. 

Sema Refactor helps fix these problems. It provides a customizable, interactive, and visual way to understand current architecture and propose multiple strategies for how the team can fix it.

From our initial trials, we estimate that these tools can save 20-40% of total software maintenance project cost and time, and sometimes even more.

Check out our brief videos and product overviews. Learn More

We couldn’t be more excited to work with more organizations to help tackle this.

Contact usif you’d like to be part of the Sema beta program, or to learn more about how we can help your organization find and fix code problems.

Matt Van Itallie, CEO