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Top 10 Sema Customer Quotes from 2018

Posted by Matt Van Itallie on Jan 3, 2019 4:06:50 PM
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We at Sema wanted to wish everyone a great 2019.

It has been an extraordinary year, and I couldn’t be more thankful to work with our team of technologists and business leaders.

Of course, our deepest thanks goes to our clients. Their support, guidance and suggestions are helping transform the future of software maintenance.

In their honor we’d like to celebrate the new year with a list: our ten favorite client quotes from 2018.

Without further ado…

Our Top 10 Customer Quotes from 2018

 “What you provide levels the playing field, provides objectivity, shines a flashlight on potential issues, and creates a common language around the conversation.”

“Your analytics are crazy, way better than anything we could do.”

“You could tell that [John] was the top performer at our outsourced development shop partner from three companies ago? Wow.”

“Where were you guys when we bought this company?”

“I’m going to hand the Health Check to our next potential acquirer- the questions you answer are the right ones to ask.”

“Our developers love the Package Dependency Chart.”

“Now I see the coaching I need to give that Developer… [stands up, then sits back down] … OK, I’ll do it later.”

“This is really going to help our new developers get up to speed faster and stay on track with our coding practices.”

“This report matches my philosophy as a CTO.”

“Our dreams are coming true, as we’re looking at this. We see things we’ve always wanted to but have never been able to do.”


Here’s to an amazing year.


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