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Welcome Brendan Cody-Kenny

Posted by Matt Van Itallie on Apr 11, 2018 12:00:00 AM
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Sema is delighted to welcome Brendan Cody-Kenny as a founding member of our scientific team, and leader of our Ireland initiative.  We asked Brendan to share a little bit more about himself and why he's so excited about Sema's mission.

“Development should be different”

Brendan has been passionate about software automation for several years. His interest in the area led him to a Ph.D. in Computer Science using Genetic Programming for Software Engineering. After completing his Ph.D. in 2015, he moved on to a post-doctoral position at University College Dublin. Brendan continued to seek practical business applications for his work, which led him to Sema founder Matt Van Itallie.  

“Now's the time to invest in software automation”

“A lot of software is developed in the open and testing has gained widespread acceptance.,” Brendan explains, "We now have the necessary foundation to analyze and explore source code development more broadly using techniques such as machine learning, genetic programming, and neural nets."

“I found the right team”

The combination of powerful technology plus an elite group of engineers and scientists is what drew Brendan to Sema. "It was fantastic to meet Matt and the team as we share the same sense of immediacy in solving software challenges for industry."

We share Brendan's excitement and are thrilled that he is part of the Sema team!

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