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Activity Feeds and Tech Debt Indicators -- What's New on the Code Quality Platform

Posted by Marcs Wilkinson on Aug 6, 2019 7:26:05 PM

We've been busy here at Sema, working hard on our mission to bring unprecedented visibility into your code and development teams. And in the spirit of keeping things visible, we wanted to share details of some of our most recent and exciting updates.

Watch this space (you can subscribe to our updates in the form to the right) as we deliver our roadmap of activity types and insights. Meanwhile, here's a brief overview of some of the new features.

Activity Feed

The new Activity feed will surface key happenings and anomalies in your repositories. By default -- when viewing the feed from the dashboard -- activity from all repositories is displayed.

repository activy feed


Tech Debt Indicators

A new table on the Files (previously Volatility) page introduces important metrics that are indicative of the technical debt in your codebase.

  • Lines of Code - A count of non-comment, non-blank lines.
  • Complexity - A cyclomatic complexity number.
  • Duplicated Blocks - A count of duplicate instances. A duplicate can appear in multiple files, and each file it appears in counts as a block.
  • Unit Test Lines - for any recognized file with 'test' in the file path, we count those lines as tests.

Note: The Tech Debt Indicators table only lists file types with supported duplicate and complexity detection. If you'd like to see more files, or languages, let our Product team know.


Status icons

Look for the indicator on Files and Contribution tables to determine recent activity of files and contributors. Use the right-click context menu on the table to set a time frame.

developer Status indicators

  • Contributors
    • Who made a commit in the current repo (within the set time frame)
    • Who made a commit in another repo, but not the current one (within the set time frame)
    • Who hasn't shown any activity in repositories (within the set time frame)
  • Files
    • Which are in the repository and have had changes in the set time frame
    • Which are in the repository but haven't had changes in the set time frame
    • Which are no longer present in the repository (they have been removed)


Dependence Graphs Update

Right-click on a tile or node in either the Treemap or the Network Graph to assign a color to that package.

When you use the Menu button to switch graph types, the user assigned colors make it easier to locate that package in the other graph.


Use the Display Name toggle on the Network Graph to keep colored package names visible. This will even show up when you select Save Image.

Toggle between incoming and outgoing dependencies — when you toggle, the chart will be redrawn showing package calls in that direction. Look in the bottom left of the screen to see which you're currently viewing.


Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Apply labels from the project page to make searching and organizing easier
  • New Line Level warnings for C & C++

A quick reminder: some of our tables now have context menus for additional convenience.

We're always happy to talk features -- if you have any questions or thoughts, please reach out to our product team or contact me via email.

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